Home Sellers’ Questions Answered (a few may surprise you)

Dated: 12/30/2018

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I love working with home sellers! It’s such an exciting time for me to be an integral part of their moving on to what’s next for them, whether it’s upsizing, downsizing, or moving across the country for a new job! I understand their concerns and it’s my pleasure to work diligently on their behalf.
Today, I’m sharing their answers to their Top 3 Questions…
1) What is most important when preparing my home to get listed?
There are three things that are most important, excluding of course location– because your home will either be in a good location that qualified buyers desire or isn’t- there isn’t anything we can do about that. But the three things sellers can effect are: 1- Light 2- Clean 3- Uncluttered
Light – The #1 thing buyers always mention when entering a home is, ” Oh my, it’s awful dark in here.” And we turn around and walk out the door to see the next home. Yes, everyone wants to walk in and see light. Light has a positive affect on the brain and makes people happy. Additionally, light makes rooms appear larger- another positive. So before showings it’s imperative that sellers throw back any curtain panels, open up the shades and blinds and let the light flow in. Lastly, sellers need to turn on every light in the house.. just like they do in model homes! And, I always also suggest that any ceiling fans be put on the low setting, b/c it also has a positive effect on the prospective buyer’s perception of the home.
Clean & Uncluttered – Did you ever go into a builder’s model home and comment on how clean and clutter-free it was? I know you have! 	
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